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Premium quality,
eco-friendly clothes

We all want to be fashionable, we all want to be trendy, and we all want to say that we’re trying to protect our planet. The problem is that sometimes these desires don’t match up. We wanted to bring a product to the market that checked all of these boxes, so that we can be the ones starting this necessary change. The earthy colors and nature themed prints show our focus on the environment. The ring spun cotton and pigment dyed clothing shows our premium style, quality and comfort. All of this, brought to you in one single product that is actually better for our environment.

Take your part in being the change you want to see in the world; and become part of this community that is trying to do their part in protecting this world we call home, because together, it is possible. 

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Our mission is to create a premium line that is eco-friendly and affordable.

Message From The Creator

Growing up in today’s society we are able to experience some of the most impactful moments at such a young age. Deforestation, trade, poaching, and pollution, all are issues that affect our wildlife and environments on a global scale. More importantly, issues like deforestation are hurting more than just the wildlife, but adding to the increase of global warming, a severe problem that already exists. With too many problems and not enough solutions, I have set out to do my part in making a change. 

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Product features


Premium Quality 

All of our clothing has woven tags, double stitching on all seams, ring spun cotton, made of heavyweight garments, and is extremely comfortable.  


Eco-friendly, non-toxic

All of our clothing is made on demand for environmental and human friendly reasons, and is made in eco-friendly warehouses. The garments are also colored through the process of pigment dyeing which is better for the environment than the standard process, and uses non toxic chemicals.  


Joining the community

By shopping the REVIVE collection, you are not only shopping a fashionable look while helping the environment, you are also joining this community of people who want to make a difference just like you and me. 


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